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China Shoe Museum

Chinese design has been talking about Chinese Style, but the Chinese style is far more than the Chi-Pao and Chinese Frog. In fact both of them came from modern China. According to Chinese history, Great traditional Chinese civilization which has been developed over five-thousand years.


The enhancement of shoe industry began from five-thousand years ago—the earliest pair of shoes was not “bound-feet”, but from Paleolithic period, when primitive people making hide clothes with bone needle, hide shoes as well, to protect the foot during the hunting time.


Shoes, boots, clogs all be called shoes. In the Northern and Southern Dynasties, the legend tells that a shoemaker’s shoes will leave the lotus patterns when walk on the soil, known as the “lotus patterns shoes”, from then on the “lotus” also signify the shoe.


Red Dragonfly has the passion for exploring the traditional cultural root, the Red Dragonfly Research Center of shoe culture was founded in October 1st, 1999. The center aimed at in-depth historical research into China shoe culture and ancient shoes, creating culture brand, promoting enterprise development services.


As responsible private enterprise, more than a decade, Red Dragonfly has contributed tons of funds to order the framework of China shoe and in-depth research, then general understanding in evolution of Chinese shoes from the oldest shoes to modern shoes, to establish a new research in the shoes and literature, shoes and language, shoes and folk customs, shoes and drama and other aspects, to restore Chinese shoe culture and history.


The China Shoe Museum collected more than 1200 pieces of collection, accumulated a large number of pictures, characters and, objects; reflected systemically the history and the development process of China shoe in these thousand years.


The museum has been divided into three themes —Bound-Feet, Ethnic Minorities, Historical Evolution.


In the Bound-Feet part, lots of precious relics from various historical periods were collected, the handcrafts that recorded “Lotus” period and the long history. In the Ethnic Minorities area, we collected the shoes models of the ethnic minorities. The exhibition shows more than 200 pairs of amazing shoes from 56 minorities. In the Historical Evolution area, we can find the history of the China shoemaking. We display the shoes in the various periods and dynasties, at the same time, it combines the shoes with folk culture to show the heritage of China shoe culture.


QIAN JINBO, the president of Red Dragonfly Co., Ltd., has been committed to blending the culture into the products, so he created the first Research Center of shoe culture and shoe culture museum in China. He respected the original design, and compromised the Western product management, development model and Eastern philosophy. He has been believed that the eastern philosophy is from the eastern history, and that the history of China shoe is the source of brand.


Before 2003, Red Dragonfly built the first Research Center of shoe culture. We held the first shoe culture exhibition and published the first "Chinese footwear culture dictionary" in China. In 2004, we edited and published the first professional magazine of China shoe — “Oriental Shoe". At the same time, we collaborated with Wenzhou University and took the first step on the research of shoe culture under the combination of enterprise and university.


“Small shoes, but not limited to culture.” Visiting the China Shoe Museum where makes men wise.