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Chinese design has been talking about "China style", but it confined to the modern vision. China's traditional civilization has a history of five thousand years.

The development of shoe began from five thousand years ago. In Paleolithic, primitive people sew animal skins shoes with bone needle to protect the foot while pursuit of prey.

Boots, shoes, clogs collectively called shoes. In the Northern and Southern Dynasties, the legend tells a shoemaker whose shoes will leave the lotus pattern when ride on the soil, known as the "step by step lotus shoes", from then on the "lotus" also signify shoes.

Red Dragonfly explore the root of the tradition, in October 1, 1999 formally established Red Dragonfly shoes culture research center, aimed at in-depth exploration of Chinese shoes cultural history and ancient shoes, creating cultural brand, promoting enterprise development services.

Red dragonfly carry on system and study out the Chinese shoe culture, cleared the evolution of Chinese footwear and opened up a whole new field of study in the relation between shoes and literature, language, folklore, opera and other aspects.

Shoes Culture Museum has collected more than 1,200 pieces of collection, accumulated a large number of pictures, text materials, the use of modern light, electricity, sound and other high-tech performance techniques, vividly show the Chinese footwear culture for thousands year of historical development process.

China Shoes Culture Museum is divided into three thematic areas - Three inch Golden Lotus, Minority, historical evolution.

Three inch Golden Lotus area collected various historical period of precious cultural relics, record "Lotus" period of hand-made works and historical origins;

Minority area collection of a large number of ethnic minority shoes model, the amazing display of more than 200 pairs of shoes from 56 minorities.

Historical Museum in accordance with the evolution of Chinese history, it displays the footwear in the various periods and dynasties, at the same time, it combines with the shoes and folk culture to show the Chinese footwear culture heritage.

QIAN JINBO, chairman and president of Red Dragonfly Co., Ltd., created China’s first shoes culture research center and shoes culture museum. He compromised the Western product management, development model and Eastern philosophy, and respected the original design style to be the brand’s source.

Early 2003, Red Dragonfly held China's first shoe culture exhibition and published China's first "Chinese footwear culture dictionary." In 2004, it edited and published the first Chinese shoe professional magazine "Oriental Shoes". It collaborated Wenzhou University and took the first step on the shoes culture research under the combination of enterprise and university.

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