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Intellectual property

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Product Information

The product information provided on the website page is for reference only and does not constitute any commitment or guarantee to the relevant products.

Although we are endeavoring to provide up-to-date information on our products and services and other information about Red Dragonfly on this website, we do not guarantee the accuracy, validity and applicability of any information on the Red Dragonfly website. For Red Dragonfly website published information or content, Red Dragonfly do not do any type or nature of the representation or guarantee. Each person shall bear all the liability and all risks associated with the use of the Red Dragonfly website.

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Any act of setting up a link to this website should be approved in advance by the Red Dragonfly. But whether or not the Red Dragonfly was granted,the link does not indicate the Red Dragonfly's approval and monitoring of its content. Red Dragonfly does not make any guarantees, undertakings and indemnities and any other legal liability for the legality, accuracy, reliability and consequences of the use of other websites linked on the website, and other related matters. At the same time, conditions of use for this site, personal information protection terms and procedures are not applicable to the link site.

Personal information protection items

Red Dragonfly pays attention to the protection of privacy and security of web-viewer, when you visit this site may be required to provide your personal information (such as name, email, phone number, etc.), you can choose whether to provide. To provide your personal information, we will be in accordance with the relevant laws of People's Republic of China and strictly confidential custody, we will not violate the provisions of such information will be sold or leased to any third party, except:

1、When judicial organs or administrative organs require the website to disclose personal data in accordance with legal procedures and statutory functions, we shall provide relevant information in accordance with the law. For any disclosure in this case, the website is exempt;

2、The force majeure event caused a temporary closure affecting the normal operation, such as hacker attack, computer virus invasion or attack, or government regulation, resulting in personal data leakage, lost, stolen or tampered with, this website all exemption

3、The website assumes no responsibility for any personal data leakage, loss, theft, or tampering caused by the user who has personal password or shares the registered account with others.

4、This website assumes no responsibility for personal data leakage, loss, theft or tampering with any other website linked to this site.

Website maintenance

Red Dragonfly has the right to update and maintain the content and technology of this site without prior notice. You accept the cannot log in situation because of Red Dragonfly's maintenance and change to the website at any time. However, this article does not indicate that Red Dragonfly has the obligation to update the website in a timely manner.

Copyright complaint

Red Dragonfly respects other people's intellectual property rights. If you think your work may be used by this website in any way without permission, please contact Red Dragonfly immediately.