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Channel type

Mainstream Fashion General Merchandise

Super Shopping Mall

Mainstream Shopping Street Shop

Channel Range

County's core business district, First Class business district of Prefecture-level city, main business district of provincial capital city


From product design, shop decoration, brand image to the various maketing links of the brand communication highly unified

Timely response, rapid supply

Commodity development, supply chain, logistics, terminal complete and efficient operation system to ensure the speed of response

Affiliate Program

Commerce Mode

sing street shop, shopping hall, MALL three channels to expand the on-line shop to satisfy the commercial street, business center, popular community, etc.

Store mode

Street shop:60㎡-100㎡,commercial street/ popular community,all category for distribution

Shopping Hall: 30㎡, Shopping Hall, Collection man/woman, leather goods, accessories for distribution.

Mall: 80㎡-100㎡, shopping center, all category for distribution

Join conditions

1、A strong interest in shoes industry, operational experience and unique insights.

2、Agree with the Red Dragonfly brand management philosophy, possess a brand development awareness

3、Organization and management capabilities, retailer store management experience

4、Good personal quality and credibility

Store conditions

1、Shopping mall area, border area over 50㎡ or more

2、Store area > **㎡

3、Accordance with the company standard decoration and goods display.

4、According to the company's national retail sales price

Join Process

1、Fill the franchise application form, submit to the relevant departments.

2、Provide business qualification materials, lease contracts and other valid documents.

3、Provide details of the candidate shop, both side check in place.

4、Negotiation and study out the business plan.

5、Sign the franchise business contract.

6、Applicant prepare the shop opening, Red Dragonfly is responsible for shipping, merchandise display, pre-opening training, etc.

Join Hotline

海外代理招商电话:021-32555088  Email:join5088@cnhqt.com